Chasing Birds

I've got a garden to tend, birds to find, beers to drink, and stories to share.

May 17, 2014
by Brittany

A Lifetime First: Lekking Grouse (of any kind)

SO. I spent yesterday morning sitting about 20 feet away from 35-40 Sharp-tailed Grouse on their lek! Yep, even on my mornings off, I get up at the crack of dawn to go look at birds. Though this was a particularly special experience; it’s not like I was getting up at 4 am to go check out some sweet Mourning Doves staring at each other or something.

In the last couple of years, I have developed a strong rule about observing first with my own two lenses, that is, without looking through a camera lens. So I spent the first half hour or so soaking in the experience first-hand: watching their comedic jitterbug dances and listening to their funny little pops, rattles, and hoots. It was tough to get good photos with my little camera in such low light, but I did my best. These were digiscoped through my binoculars. To get the full experience, listen to their calls in the player below. Enjoy! more