Chasing Birds

I've got a garden to tend, birds to find, beers to drink, and stories to share.

About Chasing Birds

2015-01-19 10.57.01_cropFor those of you who wonder (and I know some of you do), my whole life does not revolve around birds…despite the name of this website. However, for some of us birds become integral to our daily lives (like when you realize you have transitioned from being a birdwatcher to being a birder or a typical conversation in the office involves a debate on whether or not we should be identifying woodpeckers by their drumming) and we notice them. Everywhere. They alert you to the transitions between seasons. You learn who frequents your feeder in the front yard and who are the bravest souls– the ones who have the tenacity to forage in the juniper tree in the backyard where the viscous puppy-beast lurks. At least for me, birds have given me a deeper perspective into the world around me. So fear not. The goal of this website is not to top off the already-saturated and pretentious birding blog world. I truly hope more people outside of the birding world will be able to relate to the content I post here and perhaps learn a thing or two. I mean, we’re all searching for something in life, aren’t we? And we all take different avenues. Some of us seek money, some of us seek social justice. Most of us crave knowledge and so very many of us are merely hoping for acceptance. We’re all aspiring to something and in a sense, we’re all just chasing birds.

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