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2014 Wrap Up


I’ve finally gotten around to going through last year’s field season photos (yep, 6 months later). Better late than never, I guess. And the 2015 field season is beginning to creep up on me. In a little over 3 months, I’ll be back on the road, indulging my wanderlust, exploring Colorado’s topography. I feel like I have way too much to do before then and yet it can’t come soon enough. Colin and I have been working on a fancy pants camping setup for Sally (including, hopefully, a new camper shell) and I’ve set some major personal and slightly-less-major work-related goals for myself (arbitrary deadline: May 1st). More to come on all of that. Anyhow, enjoy the photos. I will do my best to post more frequently this year, both photos and stories.

View the entire album here:


  1. Hi Brittany, We met a long time ago here in Portage. I am Kat’s dad. I sure enjoy your blogs. Keep that sense of humor and sunny outlook. Harry

  2. Hi Harry! It’s so wonderful to know you’re following my adventures. Colin and I just returned home from spending the evening with Kat and Mike at the hotel– I feel grateful to have been able to keep in touch with them throughout the years! Hope you and Mary K are doing well!

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