Chasing Birds

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June 28, 2014
by Brittany

The Cost of a Just-Okay-Day

While I’m not too far off the topic of the un-Yelped world, I’d like to present my personal review of Van Camp Cabins in Yampa, Colorado. By way of a short story.

Chapter 1: From Okay to Absolutely Not Okay

My day started off okay. But just okay. I slept through my alarm, which is the worst way to wake up on a survey day. It’s not like you can give some excuse when you get into the office, passing the blame onto something that was entirely out of your control (like when a frickin’ sweet Prairie Falcon soars over your house as you were getting into your car (which is a legitimate excuse at my workplace, by the way)). It’s all on you. I was supposed to be on my first point, ready to survey by 5:15 and I failed, which was particularly important today because a huge thunderstorm was predicted to roll in by 7 and I had a 2-mile hike in. However, I only slept in an hour late, so all was not lost. After a 15 minute drive, 1 mile on a Stairmaster, and 1 mile banging my shins on fallen trees, I still made it to the first point by 6:30 and it was not yet cloudy. I felt redeemed when I nearly stepped on a male Dusky Grouse and then heard another one hooting in the distance. I finished 4 points by the time the clouds really started to roll in and got back to the truck barely before the storm. A win in anybody’s book. more

June 23, 2014
by Brittany

Where the Hell Is Maybell?

I am fairly well convinced that Net’s Cafe in Maybell is the only place worth eating in Moffat County. I tried another place in Craig twice (apparently expecting improved results the second time), but the patty melt doesn’t lie. How do you ruin a patty melt? Well, if you follow the model of the unnamed cafe in Craig, you’d start by putting barely-cooked (and oil-saturated) red onions on it. Red onions? Really? At Net’s the onions may still be a bit undercooked, but at least they’re sweet and yellow. Offering sweet potato fries is definitely a plus 1. So yeah. I judge restaurants by their patty melts. But this isn’t really about sandwiches. more